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Thousands express solidarity with George Floyd in Brussels protest


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A demonstration, attended by thousands of people, was held in the city to express solidarity with George Floyd, a victim of police brutality in the United States.
The demonstration, organized by a group called Black Lives Matter, took place in the square in front of the Justice Palace Supreme Court building in Brussels and was attended by thousands of citizens.
A large number of young people, families, and children took part in the protest with hand-made placards.
Speaking to The News, a protester and her son said that they, as white people, cannot remain silent over the violence taking place against the black community as doing so would be tantamount to violence.
“Black lives matter and being a privileged white we can’t remain silent because it would be violence,” they said at the protest, where the majority of participants were white and students.
Slogans such as “silence on oppression is tantamount to oppression”, “one race, human race”, and “no justice no peace” were raised at the demonstration.
The group, Black Lives Matter, wanted to hold a procession as well, but the administration prohibited them from doing so.
Meanwhile, at least 6,000 people, on social media, expressed their desire to participate in the demonstration despite the threat of coronavirus.
According to police, 10,000 people participated in the demonstration, while organisers claim more than 20,000 attended the protest.
The demonstration was peaceful besides an hour-long standoff with the police where harsh slogans were raised against the law enforcement agency, while one of the shops nearby was plundered.
Demonstrations were held in a couple of other cities as well, including the port city of Ostend, where 150 people were fined for holding illegal demonstrations in Antwerp — the second largest city of Belgium.

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