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Tell the court if reference has to be filed or case be struck down: Court asks NAB in sports city complex case


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Accountability Court (AC) Islamabad has called detailed reply from NAB for not filing reference against PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal in Sports City Complex case.
Judge Muhammad Bashir of AC Islamabad has inquired from NAB “ it should inform the court either it has to file the reference or case be struck down.

NAB presented progress report in the case before the court. It was said in the report inquiry against Ahsan Iqbal has been turned into investigation.

NAB prosecutor informed AC Islamabad investigation is becoming delayed owing to corona virus outbreak. Reference will be filed as soon as the investigation is completed.

Ahsan Iqbal came on the rostrum and told the court NAB is carrying out his character assassination campaign in media. One year has passed and they are investigating against him. NAB says courts are not deciding the case and NAB itself does not file reference against him.

He prayed the court if there is no reference against him then case be struck down against him.

Judge Muhammad Bashir of AC directed Ahsan Iqbal “ give the reply to media related things outside the court in media.

The learned judge while accepting the plea of NAB remarked “ tell the court in writing if reference has to be filed or not. Otherwise the case will be dismissed.

The court while summoning the report about reference adjourned the hearing of the case till June 26.

Talking to media men outside the court Ahsan Iqbal has said if country runs this way in the next six months then the situation will aggravate so much that no one will be ready to take its responsibility.

He went on to say that NAB is striving to make false witnesses. The accountability process is like that as country has been left at the mercy of corona virus. Inept and incompetent rulers have been imposed on us. Typhoid contagion has also broken out along with corona virus. FIR has not been filed in sugar corruption to save the accused.

The name of all those found responsible in sugar scandal were before us in Sugar Commission report. When subsidy on sugar was given in the past then surplus sugar was available in the country. Imran Khan allowed the sugar to be exported despite its shortfall.

He held “ I have presented my stance on government economic policies in the parliament openly . Parliament has also been locked down. We will oppose openly anti people policies in the budget. We should be saved from incompetent government through fair and free election , he added.

He alleged NAB is filing false cases. NAB-Niazi nexus has been exposed. I was arrested on the stance of Imran Khan, he added.

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