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People voice protest against increase in roti, naan prices from June 10.


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People from all segments of society have voiced protest against announcement by Naan Bai Association Pakistan announcement for increasing roti price to Rs 10 and Naan price to Rs 20 from June 10.

Naan Bhai Association Pakistan has announced to increase the prices of roti to Rs 10, leavened roti increased from Rs12 to Rs 15 and naan Rs 20 from June 10.
According to media reports the Association’s President Shafiq Qureshi said that the increase in prices of wheat flour sack has been increased to Rs 2500 and white flour Rs 5000 since 1st Ramadan. As soon as the government announces that the flour prices have been decreased, the very next day the flour mills owners double the prices.
He said these increased flour prices should be scaled down otherwise they will set new rates from June 10 by themselves. They are showing patience , Sui gas and electricity bill have been increased to 2000 percent. 50 percent increase in worker’s wages and tandoor’s rent has also been increased, now they can’t sell roti for Rs 7, he added.
Shafiq Qureshi said if the administration will close or challan a single tandoor, they will go for strike across the country in phases that is o in first phase Rawalpindi and Islamabad, in second phase Punjab .

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