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Imran Khan’s foreign policy similar to Bhutto’s: Shireen Mazari


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ISLAMABAD, May 1 : The foreign policy of Prime Minister Imran Khan is quite similar to that of former premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, said Federal Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari.
Imran Khan’s foreign policy is quite nationalistic, she said in an interview on Friday. “I joined the PTI because of Imran Khan’s nationalistic perspective on foreign policy,” she revealed, adding that she always encouraged dialogue with the Afghan Taliban because of which many US publishers started calling her ‘Lady Taliban’.
She went on saying that even Benazir Bhutto didn’t follow through with her father’s vision. “And when Zardari came, he brought his own set of new policies,” she claimed.
The establishment is a part of the government. “When you come into power, the establishment is a part of it,” she remarked. “I don’t consider myself to be either pro or anti-establishment. Many people know that I have frequently raised the issue of enforced disappearances and we have even drafted a law over it. The stakeholders are currently discussing it and consultations are ongoing.”
When you are not in the government, then it is very easy to say certain things publicly, she shared. “But being in government means that you have to make sure that everyone works together and move forward,” the federal minister remarked. “The government and all its institutions are on the same page.”
Conspiracies are being planned against the government, she claimed. This is happening because the top leaders of the opposition are scared of being held accountable.
On rights of women, she said that most men say that they have left a seat deliberately for a woman. “We don’t want this, what we want is our rights,” she added.
Reacting to her statements, PPP leader Sherry Rehman said that the government should talk about unity in these times rather than criticising other parties. “At least, the PPP still has an ideology, what does your party have? PTI is a sinking ship with no ideology.”

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