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Altaf Hussain ordered to murder Imran Farooq: ATC


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The court has remarked it has been proved that founder of MQM Altaf Hussain had ordered to murder Imran Farooq.

The court further remarked motive behind murdering Imran Farooq was that no one could speak against founding father of MQM Altaf Hussain. The murder was aimed at fomenting harassment among the people. Imran Khan Murder case lives upto the definition of terrorism case. The accused defamed the country all over the world. They are entitled to exemplary punishment. The murder news created harassment among the MQM workers and the entire country.

The court remarked the murder was carried out under a planning so that no one could raise voice against Altaf Hussain in future. It has been proved that Altaf Hussain gave orders for killing Imran Farooq.

The court remarked that two senior leaders of MQM delivered the murder order in Pakistan.Moazaam Ali selected boys from MQM headquarters 90 to kill Imran Farooq. Mohsin Ali and Kashif Kamran were selected. These two were taken to UK and full assistance was provided to them in killing Imran Farooq.

The Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) Islamabad awarded life imprisonment to three accused in murder case of MQM senior leader Imran Farooq.

Shah Rukh Arjmand, judge court room No 2 announced the decision.

The court awarded life imprisonment to the three accused including Mohsin Ali, Moazaam Ali and Khalid Shamim besides imposing fine Rs 10 lac each. The amount of fine will be paid to the wife of deceased as compensation.

The court remarked the prosecution has succeeded in proving its case. The available evidences were sufficient to award death penalty. But following the promulgation of amended ordinance death sentence can not be awarded on the evidence from other country.

The court remarked the time spent by the accused in jail will include in the period of sentence.

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